Monday, June 8, 2009

Call To Action

I received this email from I am sure this will be useful for any state.


Dear Kansas Supporters,

We are launching a new nationwide effort to lobby Congressional support this summer and hope you will join us! Please forward this information to family, friends, and organizational contacts and encourage them to join this important effort! As of today, the Parental Rights Amendment has 93 co-sponsors in the House of Representatives. While we are excited to see such significant support for this issue, we must continue presenting this issue to more Congressmen and Senators.

Here's what you can do to be pro-active in your Congressional district this summer:

1) Find 20 people to help you gather 1,000 petition signatures, urging their Congressmen or Senators to sponsor the Parental Rights Amendment. (If your Congressman is already a co-sponsor, focus on your Senators.) You can find a printable version of the petition form on our website ( I have also attached a document with the contact information for the Congressmen and Senators in your state.

2) It might be easier to gather this many signatures if each person collects 50. Or, hold a petition drive in your town, at your church or local grocery store, etc.

3) If you cannot find 20 people in your district, gather support from other districts and present the petition to multiple Congressmen AND your Senators.

4) Call your representative's local office and set up an appointment to meet with him or her to discuss the Amendment. If you are unable to set up an appointment over the phone, or if they are unresponsive, look up the next townhall or public meeting and have all 20 members of your group attend.

5) Once you are face-to-face with your Congressman or Senator, hand them the petition of 1,000 signatures.

6) Also, mail us a copy of the signatures to:

PO Box 1090

Purcellville, VA 20132

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  1. Thank you Lori! Keep up the good work!

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