Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Let's Get Congress Moving - Call Today!

We now have 107 Congressional Sponsors to the Parental Rights Amendment as H.J. Res. 42. Be sure to click on the link of sponsors and see if your Congressman has jumped on board or not. If not, why not call them today and ask them to do so? If they have, give them a call to say thank you!

The Amendment has also now been introduced to the Senate as S. J. Res 16 by Senator Jim DeMint. Since we currently only have 2 sponsors, this would be a great time to contact your Senator and try to encourage them to sign on too. Let's call our Senators and get them to stand up for parental rights.

Below is the Amendment we are seeking to draft. It's simple and yet profound as it will protect our rights as parents to direct the upbringing of our children.

Parental Rights Amendment

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Parental Rights Amendment - A Way You Can Help

Here is a video of Michael Farris explaining the Parental Rights Amendment 10-and-2 Program. It is a way that supporters can help grow the movement. Each of us just needs to get 10 people to support the amendment and 2 more people to recruit another 10 supporters and 2 activists. If we all do this it will not take long to have the numbers we need to get this amendment passed and stop the threat of the UNCRC once and for all. To learn more visit parentalrights.org and join the fight.

Monday, July 6, 2009

105 Co-sponsors!

Here is a video of Pete Hoekstra speaking as we hit the 100 mark of co-sponsors to the parental rights amendment. We are actually at 105 today. To see if your representative has signed on visit the co-sponsor page at parentalrights.org.