Friday, November 18, 2011


The Overruled Docudrama is here! Please view this and pass it on to your friends, family and everyone you can! Be sure to click "Like" on the actual Youtube site if you agree and get this going viral on the internet! Here are other ways suggests you do to help spread the word.

Docudrama Coming Thursday!

Our new docudrama, Overruled: Government Invasion of Your Parental Rights, is scheduled for release this Thursday, November 17, and I am excited to announce that we are right on schedule!

Last week we sent you a condensed list of things you can do to prepare; you can see the fully detailed version here.

In addition, we have available a flyer you can post on local bulletin boards, and a half-page hand-out or bulletin insert for your local congregation. Both of these papers point readers to, where they can view the entire film online without cost. (You can donate to help cover the cost here.)

Prior to the release, let me encourage you to print out as many of each as you can use to promote the film; alternatively, you might want to save the file, take it to your local printer, and have the flyers or inserts professionally printed. Then, when the film is released, we will send you an email letting you know it’s here and you will be ready to post the flyers or deliver the handouts right away.

You might also want to copy some possible tweets from this page to post to your Facebook, Twitter, or other social network page after the film is released.

Please keep in mind that in order to help Overruled go viral, we need to promote it as much as possible in the first several days. The faster its popularity grows this weekend, the easier it becomes for it to continue to grow until all of America is aware of the threats to parental rights.

Thank you for standing with us to protect parental rights, and thank you for your patience this year. Lots of action is just around the corner – and it starts with the release of Overruled in just two days!


Michael Ramey
Dir. of Communications & Research

Tuesday, July 12, 2011 Promotional Video

Below is a new promotional video for the Parental Rights Amendment. Please forward the link - - to as many people as you can, any way you can. Post it to Facebook, tweet it on Twitter, blog about it, leave a comment on a blog you frequent and include the link, or simply email it to all of your friends. But please help us spread the word.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

San Francisco Wants to Ban Circumcision

Well, citizens of San Francisco got enough signatures to get an initiative on the ballot next November that will ban circumcision on males under the age of 18. This is both an attack on religious freedom as well as parental rights. Michael Farris put out the following statement in regard to this. Please visit and join the fight.

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San Francisco's Circumcision Ban and Parental Rights

The City of San Francisco is contemplating a law that will ban male circumcision for infants and children. There are no religious exemptions in the proposed law and it is an obvious attempt to override the parents’ ability to make decisions for their own children on this medical issue.

I want to encourage you to look at this article by Eugene Volokh. Professor Volokh is a highly respected professor of Constitutional Law at UCLA Law School. He is a well-known conservative and a former Supreme Court law clerk.

His analysis of this particular issue is interesting and important. But the real reason I want to encourage you to read it is because he undertakes a serious analysis of the current state of the law regarding the constitutional rights of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children.

Some who criticize the PRA claim that the current law for parental rights is well-settled and places our rights at a very high and protected level. This article by Professor Volokh clearly demonstrates that the current state of the law is muddled and unsettled—and he also shows that the reason for the lack of clarity is that there is no constitutional text protecting parental rights.

If we want the government taking over more and more of our ability as parents to make decisions for our children, then doing nothing under the delusion that everything is hunky-dory is the right path to take. But if we want parents and not government raising children, then the time to act is now.


Michael Farris

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Planned Parenthood openly oppose PRA in Montana

In an email from I learned that Planned Parenthood along with the ACLU and a gay rights organization called the Human Rights Campaign all spoke out against the Parental Rights Amendment. This goes to show you that they realize that the groups they represent do interfere with the rights of parenting. They do not want parents to have the right to keep a child from getting an abortion or birth control without their consent. They do not want parents to be able to teach their child that homosexuality is a sin and therefore not an acceptable lifestyle. Thankfully they were not successful in stopping the advancement of the PRA in Montana. Knowing that such powerful and influential groups oppose parental rights, we must stay vigilant in protecting them. The letter below explains what is happening and what we can do to help. Please visit today to help protect these essential rights.

~February 10, 2011

Planned Parenthood Attacks the Parental Rights Amendment

No doubt you’ve heard about Planned Parenthood in the news lately. They’ve been criticized for covering up the sex trafficking of minors, and they’ve come under media investigation. Their dishonorable techniques have once again been exposed by Live Action’s president Lila Rose. They have counseled an investigator posing as a pimp on how to avoid detection and yet get abortions and other related services for girls as young as 14 and 15. Of course, Planned Parenthood is utterly committed to the proposition that parents have no right to knowledge or consent of the activities of their teenaged daughters when they walk in the door of these deadly clinics. Even if the girls are being held as sex slaves, Planned Parenthood wants to keep both parents and government out of their grisly business.

And, of course, one of the most stalwart and effective defenders of the rights of Planned Parenthood to secretly perform abortions on underaged girls is the American Civil Liberties Union.

Lila Rose, a young woman raised by a fine homeschooling family in California, has taken on the giant of Planned Parenthood and she is winning. She is the example of the kind of young person that is sent forth to help America become a better place when parents are free to train their children in truth and uprightness.

I was at a meeting this week with the Speaker of the House and other top leaders in Congress and the pinnacle of the talk was on Lila Rose’s activities, as well as a movement in Congress to defund Planned Parenthood – they received $363 million in government (tax payer) funds last year.[1]

I pointed out that Lila Rose had been homeschooled and that we needed to be sure that the Parental Rights Amendment is passed to ensure that all parents have the ability to be involved in the crucial decisions for their children’s future.

There was a good reason that Planned Parenthood and the ACLU were on my mind during this meeting with the Speaker of the House.

Last week, when Montana’s Senate Judicial Committee considered a resolution urging Congress to adopt the Parental Rights Amendment (PRA) and send it to the States for ratification, Planned Parenthood of Montana, the ACLU, and the Human Rights Campaign (a “gay rights” organization) spoke against it.

For all their troubles now, Planned Parenthood remains a heavy hitter with an annual budget of $1.117 billion – and they have taken aim at the PRA. Not that they succeeded in this case – the resolution passed out of committee by a vote of 7-5 on Friday, and will now proceed to the Montana Senate floor.

But Planned Parenthood will not stop there. Like a cornered beast, they will lash out wherever they can, and right now that seems to mean our resolutions and Amendment.

We cannot hope to counter the misinformation campaign of Planned Parenthood unless we all recommit ourselves to a deeper involvement in this issue. Remember, Planned Parenthood received $363 million from the federal government last year; we didn’t receive a dime. We are dependent on concerned partners like you if we are to keep spreading the truth. Please consider helping us in the following ways:

1) Please donate today. Advertising isn’t free. Our website isn’t free. Our staff is very lean and we need to be able to meet our obligations to them and their family. Our giving this year is down and we simply cannot lead this effort to victory without your support. We need your support in this crucial hour. If you can give on an ongoing, monthly basis, please check the appropriate box on the Donate form. But whatever you can give, please do it now.

Donate Now

2) Track the status of the resolution in your state and be ready to speak in its favor. Please email Michael Ramey if you can speak to a committee to support a resolution in your state. If you live in Montana, call your state senator now and urge him (her) to support SJ 9 in favor of a federal Parental Rights Amendment. You can identify your senator and find contact information here.

3) Get ready to fight in Congress. We have been working behind the scenes in the House to put together a new leadership coalition to lead our efforts to pass the PRA. Our former champion, Pete Hoekstra, retired from the House to run for Governor of Michigan. We have assurances from the GOP leadership in the House that they will help us push the PRA. I fully expect that we will have hearings, committee votes, and then floor action in the House this year.

This is our time to push the PRA through the House of Representatives. We need your help now more than ever. Being attacked by the likes of the ACLU and Planned Parenthood is a good sign that we are on the right track and that we are getting close to victory.


Michael Farris